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Simply Memories

Organizing Photos and Memorabilia

Are you overwhelmed by your photographs?

  • Do you have rolls and rolls of film that have never even been developed?
  • Worse yet, a drawer full of memory sticks that have never been printed or downloaded?
  • Are you buried in boxes and stashes of photos and memorabilia that are a jumbled mess?
  • Wondering how you’ll ever manage to organize the old photos you’ve inherited when you’re already frazzled by your own collection?
  • Have you slowed down or even stopped your picture taking because you just don’t know where you’d put any more photos?

Memories are priceless and should be shared. Stop feeling overwhelmed and guilty about your out-of-control photo collection. Let’s work together to begin preserving and enjoying your precious photographs.

Prints or Digital

Simplify Me can help you…

  • To determine which printed photos to discard, pass along, box up, scan, or put into albums for safekeeping and sharing.
  • To sort and organize your digital photos for easy retrieval and sharing with loved ones.
  • Once organized, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your cherished memories are accounted for and safely protected.Pricing: $45.00/hr Package Rates Available! 15 hr pkg (15% savings) 30+ hours (20% savings)

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